All food is hygienically prepared 

in our

 Pet Kitchens




Whether frozen, chilled, fresh or dried, your pet's meals are hygienically and thoughtfully prepared 

(most of us even hold the Basic Food Hygiene Certificate)

Should your pet prefer his / her food warmed or hot, this is not a problem 

Our self contained pet kitchens have fridges, freezers and reheating facilities also!

We prefer to keep pets on their original ‘home’ diet to avoid tummy upsets

Many thousands of different pet foods are now available, therefore it is impossible to stock them all,

our basic diet is Chicken Sweeney Dog and Cat Diet, which is Hypo-Allergenic and Wheat Free, almost without exception pets love this, we also have Purina in fishy flavours

We also stock fresh cooked chicken and fish to tempt fussy feeders

Don’t worry if your pet requires a Special Diet, all can be catered for 

If preferred, your own food may be brought from home and fed as directed at no extra charge

This may be brought measured and bagged up ready to feed, brought fresh or frozen, and we will feed as directed.

Make sure your own food is labelled with your name, pets name and feeding instructions

Food can also be stored in our fridge or freezer and fed fresh daily as required.     .   

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