More Purrfect Visitors

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Miranda (left) " I am very friendly, and love attention, am a very huge Ragdoll Kitten, - Look I am THIS HUGE!"

Charlie (left) likes to observe the world go by. "I wasn't eating well before I came to Red House, But I am now!"

Tiddy (Tabby) says "Hello, Have you brought me some more food?"

 Toffee and Mavro- (above right) "Toffee hogs all the bed, but he's my best ever friend! So I don't mind " ( Yes, he does have his own bed also!)     

Rory and Rosie (Blue bed) are enjoying a cat nap ( Do not disturb!)

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Poppy (left) says "Cleaning litter trays? -Disgusting!"

Louie  (right) "I brought my own blanket, it's where I want it -with me, in my bed!"         

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