New home for Weston

010-weston 2

Weston at home

Here is a lovely picture of Weston.

He has really settled into a wonderful new home after living as a Hobo for many months.

Although very well fed, he didn’t have a home to call his own until a kind lady came along and offered to take him in.

As you can see Weston has acclimatised well! Who would guess by this picture that he has only been in his new home a few days? Previously nicknamed ‘stray cat’ this extremely friendly chap slept under bushes, and ate food from doorsteps.

When losing a pet, re homing another is a very difficult decision many factors need to be borne in mind until the right decision is made. Luckily this cat has the right character to fit into his new home, and help fill a huge gap left by his feline predecessor.

Good luck Weston! We hope you have a long and happy life with your wonderful new family!

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