Sparky, Patch and Chocolate

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Above- Sparky has adopted orphan kittens Patch and Chocolate as his own.

Patch and Chocolate came to live at their wonderful new home at about 5 weeks old.

Prior to this they were raised here at Red house after being found in the cooker (yes cooker!) of a scrap caravan at about 2 weeks of age.

They were checked over by a vet, and 

declared fit and well, though their litter brother unfortunately  had an infected leg, and despite veterinary treatment passed away soon after.

The kittens had 6 feeds a day ( four hourly)  of made up cat milk this was given though out the day and night, and administered by a syringe.

 Although an enjoyable operation, it was quite exhausting!

 They were then weened onto minced beef and chicken. 

Ellie our Bearded Collie adored them, and gave them enthusiastic baths whenever she could. (see soggy 'washed' kitten  pic on right) She was a keen and loyal foster mother, and very sad when they left for their new home back in June.

It was a wonderful experience seeing these cute little babies grow into adventurous strong kittens, and fabulous to have them back to stay for holidays when their new family go away.

The pictures at the bottom, are when they first arrived, and being carefully fed with a syringe.

The picture with the pink cat toy, (and those above) is at their fabulous new home, with Sparky taking over parental duties!

What a wonderful dad he is!

The top picture is back here on holiday in Purrfect Paradise with Sparky and Patch (Chocolate is around exploring) 

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