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Our Luxury Kennels offer all you could wish for your pet whilst on holiday

Each of our 11 spacious apartments are individually and tastefully decorated, and can comfortably accommodate several pets from the same household

Built to very high standards to ensure a healthy hygienic environment, and as much a home from home as possible.

Each apartment is light and spacious both indoors and out, enabling several pets from a family to stay together.

All outdoor patios are undercover, have interesting field views and smart none slip tiled floors 

Bedroom areas have individual infra red heat lamps and thermostatically controlled background heating at no extra charge.

We now have individual specialist low wattage electrically heated dog bed plates available on request at no extra charge. * Though please note if your pet damages or destroys them they will be deemed sold to you at cost price.

As well as having a private patio, each pet is exercised by lead walk

We have several safe turn out areas where your dog can run free, play with a friend, or play ball.

For lead trained dogs we have several grass exercise paddocks 

All pets have a choice of toys to play with, or you may bring your own, though please don't bring anything of value as we cannot guarantee it's return (It has been known for toys to be chewed up, misplaced after washing or lost in the fields)

Only pets fully up to date with vaccinations can be taken.

The Kennel Cough vaccine is also strongly recommended, immunisation for this must be given at least 3 weeks prior to boarding to allow the vaccine to settle. Your vet will be pleased to advise you.

Treat your pet to a hydrotherapy massage bath in our Smart Pooches Paradise Spa- Click here for details


We also have specially designed luxury facilities to enable your dog and cat to stay together should you wish.


Taster Night 

If we have not had your dog to stay before, and your stay is longer than 2 nights, it is essential your pet stays for a Taster Night.

This means bringing your pet in one morning, usually mid week, and collecting the following morning. This allows your pet to become accustomed to staying away from home. Your pet will have chance to see all the sights and learn the routine, and we will have chance to learn more about your pets character, which kennel he will settle in best, and his personal idiosyncrasies. Above all your pet will go home, knowing that he has not been left for good, therefore alleviating long term stress for both of you whilst on a longer stay.

If your pet is unsettled, or really hates his stay (which is rare) we will tell you, and this will give you chance to make alternative arrangements. 

Payment for the taster stay will be required at the time of booking. 

Holidays will be confirmed after the taster stay and payment in full.

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