Lemmy and Cherry


"Lemmy and Cherry have been staying at the Red House Cattery during our holidays for a few years now. 

Originally, our Vet recommended Red House.

As Lemmy has diabetes requiring two injections a day, it is often hard for my husband and I to get away and have a break from caring for him. 

Alyse and the wonderful girls at Red House take such good care of Lemmy, we are able to relax and enjoy our time away knowing he is in good hands."

Thanks again, 

Ally and Mike Shaw - York 

Note from Alyse;

Lemmy is a gorgeous tabby, he is very affectionate, and enjoys staying with us.

He doesn't even notice he is having his medication, and happily purrs whilst it is being administered.

We monitor his food intake, and know his personality well, as he has stayed with us on many occasions over several years.

We have had a number of diabetic cats ( and dogs)  visit over the years, and it is a lot of responsibility. Some pets insulin levels can be maintained solely with a special diet, though others require injections. 

If medication does need to be administered, I am only happy to administer to a pet who is a willing participant, and will not partake in manhandling or force, which causes stress to the pet and to ourselves.

If this is the case, I would suggest the kindest and safest option would be for the pet to stay with a Veterinary Surgeon for the duration of the holiday.

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