Nando, Madison, Charlie, Bear,and Piano

Dear Alyse

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A note to say thank you for looking after our 5 cats while we were away on holiday.

It was their first stay with you and we are very pleased to say that they were really chilled out when we arrived back home & Nando (the shy one) was even falling asleep in the car. They normally spend a couple of days checking out the house and garden but they slipped back into their usual routine and were as affectionate as ever. In fact I think they are even more affectionate !!

Both Martin and I are glad that they settled in ok and hopefully your team enjoyed looking after them too.


Thank you once again

Kind regards

Martin & Gillian (York)

We Most certainly did enjoy caring for them!                                   -purrfect pets!

The two grey and white ones are Madison & Nando, the little black brothers are Charlie & Bear and Miss Cutie on her own is Piano.

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